Angie Ryder

Professional Speaker & Trainer

If you're looking for a dynamic speaker, you've definitely come to the right place. I'm thrilled you've found my site, and I look forward to hearing from you concerning your speaker needs.

Photo: Angie Ryder

It's not enough for us to equip and empower people with information. We must inspire them such that they are motivated to employ the knowledge provided to them.

People want the ability to apply the material presented to them immediately after a speaker is done giving a presentation, and that is my specialty.
It has been my experience that convention attendees want three things:

  1. Information relevant to them
  2. Confidence that they can utilize the material presented
  3. A speaker that has the know-how to retain their attention

Simply put, phenomenal! Angie's presence drew the largest number of attendees to our convention that we've had in many years. Her common sense speaking style, strong teaching skills, energy, and talent to engage the audience inspired and enthused attendees. As opposed to the customary one-hour infomercials, Angie brought detailed, tangible information that was applicable to the entire audience. Her course topics and ability to provide instruction in laymen's terms provided attendees the opportunity to retain and implement the information they gained.
Angie received rave reviews from our attendees. Comments were, “It's the first class I attended where I didn't want to break for lunch,” and “Even I understood what she was talking about.” The number of attendees that requested she speak at future conventions was countless. Our attendees were very happy to have “learned.”

Dorraine Stanley, Vice President
Georgia Certified Court Reporters Association