Angie Ryder

Professional Speaker & Trainer

Photo: Angie Ryder


Angie Ryder has been a speaker and trainer for over two decades. She has presented or taught in industries such as court reporting, job placement, theater entertainment, and commercial printing. She has developed and conducted various training programs to promote management/employee relations and/or critical job skills for various companies. While she has given presentations on empowering workers, hiring the right person for your group, and team building, her passion is helping others understand the importance of computer security and keeping themselves safe from Internet predators. Along with speaking and training for companies, she has spoken at state and national conventions where she has taught others about everything from cloud storage to computer security. Her computer experience, along with her teaching experience, enables her to help others understand how to care for their computer systems, keep themselves secure, and even how to shop for their next system.
Angie loves to read and enjoy time with her family, and she strives to consistently invest her time and energy in lifelong learning activities.

A bit of history

State and National Convention Speaker

Authorized Eclipse Trainer

Eclipse Instructor, College of Court Reporting

Scopist, Elite Scoping Services

SGML/Cottage Trainer, CADMUS

Trainer, STA-CON Enterprises

Training and Education Coordinator, Kings Dominion

Education:  B.A. LASC, VA Tech. Minors: Biology, Sociology, and Theatre

Further Education

  • "Should the Wall of Sheep be Illegal?"
  • "Owning One to Rule Them All"
  • "Crypto and the Cops: the Law of Key Disclosure and Forced Decryption"
  • "Attacking the TPM Part 2: A look at the STI9WP18 TPM device"
  • "Defeating PPTP VPNs and WPA2 Enterprise with MS-CHAPv2"
  • "Stamp Out Hash Corruption! Crack All The Things"
  • "Hardware Backdooring is Practical"
  • "Q&A with the Men (and Women) in Black"
  • "Bigger Monster, Weaker Chains: The NSA and the Constitution"
  • "Looking into the Eye of the Meter"
  • "Hacking [redacted] Routers"
  • "Staying Connected during a Revolution or Disaster"
  • "Three Generations of DOS Attacks"
  • "Covert Post-Exploitation Forensics with Metasploit"
  • "Assessing Civilian Willingness to Participate in On-Line Conflict"9
  • "Chip & PIN is Definitely Broken"
  • "Weaponizing Cyber Psychology"
  • "Bulletproofing The Cloud: Are We Any Closer to Security?"
  • "Economics of Password Cracking in the GPU Era"
ESP Network 2008, 2009, and 2015
  • Total Eclipse 7 Multi-Channel Audio (2015)
  • Total Eclipse Advanced Training (2008, 2015)
  • “In PURRsuit of the PURRfect Transcript” (2009)
  • “Dictionary Maintenance” (2009)
  • “Punc Rock”
  • “SearchMaster: The Magic Continues”